Clear Pond
Clear your pond of unwanted debris, algae, and that nasty green colored water and get it looking healthy and fresh with Clear Pond Products. Since 1978, Clear Pond has been a leader in the development and use of natural microbes to solve the problems of pond water contamination without the use of harmful chemicals. Clear Pond uses natural formulas of varied bacteria and microbes to jump start your pond's biological system and keep it clean and healthy. Our natural and biodegradable products are the perfect fit to keep all fish and plants healthy and thriving while maintaining crystal clear water. For information log on to Call our office (224-735-7528) or email us.
Aqua Dynamic Solutions offers the new Aquapucks™ pond treatment for improving water conditions in all types of ponds. Aquapucks™ are designed for simple application and safe handling. Additionally they are safe to store and specially packaged for long shelf life. All ingridients are made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. Contact us with any questions about using Aquapucks™ to help you maintain a clean, clear, and ecologically sustainable water environment. Call 401 624 7641 or contact

Harrietta Hills Fish Farm and Pond Products Harrietta Hills is a family enterprise with 15 years’ expertise in helping pond owners across the country improve fish and wildlife habitat, monitor and improve water quality, and select from a wide assortment of pond improvement products. They also sell trout, bass, bluegills, perch, catfish, and minnows to Michigan residents. Call 1-877-389-2514

Lehman's -- your source for brand new, but old-fashioned products for your garden, farm and home. If you think it isn't made any more, check with Lehman's before you give up. Oil lamps, water pumps, copper kettles, canning supplies, wood cooking stoves, tin toys, weathervanes and more. Founded in 1955 by Jay Lehman to serve the local Amish in northeast Ohio, Lehman's provides merchandise all over the world through a retail store in Kidron, OH; web site and print catalog. Call 1-888-438-5346

Fresh-Flo Corporation
Fresh-Flo Corporation offers a variety of products for fish farmers and private pond owners alike.

Our line of aerators features our patented aeration process which is the most efficient way to increase oxygen levels for healthy fish. In addition, our aerators are proven durable and dependable.

Outdoor Water Solutions is a leading manufacturer of Windmill Aeration systems and other pond related products. 

If you're looking for high quality pond products, come visit our site.  Our aeration systems use our patented BalCam Technology, which balances the workload inside the compressor giving you more air and more pressure from a single diaphragm design.


Flowers by the ponds

Countryman Press
Vermont's oldest name in publishing is located in Woodstock, Vermont, continuing a tradition of producing books of substance.

Aquatic Eco Systems
Aquaculture supplier with informative, comprehensive product catalog and technical support.

Malibu Water Resources
Specializing in aeration and pumping devices, especially windmills.

Land and Water Magazine
Magazine covering construction and maintenance strategies for water related projects; excellent on erosion controls.

Pond Boss
New magazine devoted to pond building and use, featuring saavy writers and useful product features.

Northern Woodlands Magazine
Dedicated to sustainable land use, focused on forestry, conservation, and wildlife.

Farm Pond Harvest Magazine
Long standing quarterly publication with loyal following, for pond builders and owners, published in the midwest.

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