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Maintaining or improving pond water quality
depends on a variety of factors: depth, interior pond slopes, water supply, and the most important factor. Read more in Tim's latest Pondology

A new six hour plus movie recently appeared
on the film scene, and it's must viewing for anyone who lives in Vermont, used to live here, plans to live here, or wonders how "small is beautiful" culture and politics works. Water is one of the topics covered, with special attention paid to watershed runoff, the consequences of industrial spring water extraction, and the ups and downs of living with a private dug well. Pond owners should find the water issues especially interesting,since runoff health and aquifer extraction can have an influence on pond viability.

The Vermont Movie is a collaborative effort of many filmmakers, which made it possible to cover a range of subjects, including the state's geological beginnings, native American culture, immigrant settlement, years as a free republic, statehood, the civil war, the evolution of our agriculture, the back to the land hippie era, and much much more. I expect this movie will become part of school and college curricula, as well as finding a place on many Vermonter's video shelves. Highly recommended.

Click here or on the logo to visit the film site.

The Book of Non-Electric Lighting
by Tim Matson is available as an eBook for your Amazon Kindle. Click here to check it out.


"Best guide to safe use of flame-based illumination." Read the entire review on Cool Tools


Earth ponds are natural earthen reservoirs, often created by excavation and/or damming up a natural soil-based basin, sometimes with the addition of a clay or artificial membrane liner.

Earth ponds can be used for swimming, garden landscaping, raising fish, and more...

This site is designed to give you information as well as provide a way to get expert consulting services and consulting designs when planning or constructing your pond or garden pond.


Available again as an eBook after many years out of print. New 25th Anniversary Edition of Tim Matson’s prize winning stories of Rural Savvy, Skills, and Survival. Includes Smart Approaches to Water Issues, from Ponds to Dowsing a Water Well.

“Reading A Country Planet is a little like eavesdropping on someone talking to himself about pigs and hayrakes and listers, but talking in a wry, corner-of-the mouth style that makes the eavesdropper snort and whinny to himself… The general effect is to make you want to run out and buy a slice of Vermont hillside and start cutting trees to build your own cabin in the woods even if you’ve already done it years ago.”

Annie Proulx, Pulitzer Prize winner and author
of Brokeback Mountain

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Spring is on the way. Read about taking care of your pond in this month's Pondology.


Read Tim's comprehensive article on ponds and climate change, as featured in Pond Boss Magazine

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Wind has long been the pond owner's friend because of its oxygen boosting, destratifiying effects. Early on, pond owners learned out how to get air into water with oxygen boosting waterfalls, fountains, and electric powered aerators. Then the breakthrough: what if you could use the wind itself to inject oxygen into the water? Why not a windmill? No motor noise, no energy cost. A few decades ago pond owners began to experiment with windmill generated aeration. Now it's a technology on the forefront of pond management.
Click here for more about Outdoor Water Solutions.  

The definitive book on Earth Ponds in a third edition
to help celebrate it's 30th Anniversary.

"This is not your average how-to; it's beautifully written and a joy to read."

Read the entire review
on Cool Tools.

Earthponds A-Z

"Aside from some particularly thoughtful frogs and phragmites, no one on earth knows more about ponds than Tim Matson." Michael Pollan, The Omnivore's Dilemma

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